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At Last, a Web Blocker that is both
Powerful and Flexible!

Netintelligence presents a customizable blocking solution developed for the individual home Internet user.

Tailored Security means Total Freedom to Surf the Web On Your Own Terms.

Get exactly what you want out of the Internet… and nothing that you don’t!

Why Do I Need a Web Blocker?

There are as many reasons for blocking web sites as there are undesirable elements of the Internet.

  • Pornography
  • Extremism
  • Violence
  • Gambling
  • Drugs
  • Piracy
  • Cyber Predators
  • Online Fraud

Depending on your family circumstances, personal sensibilities and individual security concerns, you might wish to restrict access to certain kids of online material from your home computer(s).

Parents of teens and young children should be especially mindful of the hazards posed by a growing range of online nasties. The Internet is crawling with material that is inappropriate for young eyes.  Whether by accident or intentional searching, it is all too easy for kids to access pictures and information that ought not to be available to them. Porn-napping, phishing, mouse-trapping and other web scams targeting children have only heightened the vulnerability of today’s young Internet users.  What’s more, the craze for social networking sites like MySpace exposes teens and pre-teens to the menace of the cyber predator.

Web blocking locks out unwelcome Internet content, meaning users are no longer able to enter websites containing material deemed to be unsuitable and/or pernicious.

What Does the Software Block?

Whatever you want it to!  With Netintelligence, YOU decide.

Other web blocking programs suffer from a fundamental inflexibility that can make them dangerously permissive or annoyingly restrictive.

Drawing on the most sophisticated Internet safety technology available, our revolutionary blocking tool invites YOU to make the decisions, proposing three alternative pathways to safe home surfing.

Enjoy BOTH ease-of-use AND total control over your family’s Internet access:

1) Customized Web Site Blocking

Bespoke internet security solutions for each individual member of your household!

Determine EXACTLY what users of your PC are able to view online.

Create your own updatable lists of websites and that you wish to block or allow access to.

This feature is fully customizable, meaning restrictions can be applied on an individual user basis to meet the differing age ranges and needs of your family.

Any changes you make to personal lists will take effect within seconds!

2) Default Blocking Categories

This is the easy way to effective web blocking for families!

Netintelligence’s default blocking system allows you to sit back and trust in our pioneering technology to shut out unwelcome Internet content.

Our Assessment Team work round-the-clock, using a combination of sophisticated techniques and sources to sort millions of objectionable web sites, files and images into 6 main categories of blocked web content, designed to represent the principal areas of threatening online material.

Home Internet users love this powerful Internet content blocker for its ease-of-use and comprehensive blocking capacity.

Below you will find a breakdown of the main sub-categories contained within each of the 6 default blocking lists:

Adult Pornographic sites

Sites featuring nudity and/or sexuality; “adult” underwear and role-playing apparel; games, humour and literature sites with overtly adult content; personals/dating/romance; art featuring nudity or explicit sexuality; sex education.

Drugs Sites

Concerned with supply, promotion and/or advocacy of illegal drugs; including drug-related paraphernalia, literature, and equipment; associated alternative lifestyles.

Gambling Bookmakers and casinos (online and offline)

Gambling machines (fruit machines, roulette, etc.); gambling resource and information sites


Online gaming groups; gaming resources; interactive puzzles; role-playing games; video games; coin-operated games

Hate Violence

Violence. aggression; racism; weapons (supply and advocacy/information); terrorism; political, racial or religious intolerance, bigotry or hate; incitement to law-breaking, including civil disobedience; suicide assistance/advocacy sites.

Threats Sites

Sites concerning hacking, phreaking, phishing, virus creation, password cracking, illegal software, warez, proxies and redirectors, fraud, credit card number generation, dialers, and other identifiable threats.

3) Safe Internet Zones

The ultimate web blocking solution designed for parents of especially young and/or vulnerable children.

Restrict users’ Internet access solely to sites that you have predetermined to be safe and appropriate for their viewing.

It couldn’t be simpler! Just add the chosen website addresses to a user’s Personal Safe Internet list and, until you decide otherwise, they will only be allowed to visit those sites you have selected for them.

!!!  Netintelligence uses a pioneering Web-based control system that makes it impossible for even the most tech-savvy of children to disable the software or alter the security settings.  Fool Proof, Kid Proof AND High Performing, this is the ultimate web blocking solution for families. !!!

Where Can I Learn More about the Software?

Netintelligence is a complete online security program that boasts a range of additional Internet safety features to complement its powerful web blocking tools.

Find out more about the many ways in which this groundbreaking software can help protect your family online by visiting the Bonus Features page of this web site.

Alternatively, why not sign up for our exclusive 14-day free trial and see for yourself how straightforward and empowering a good web blocker can be?!



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